Charollais and Blue Texel Sheep for Sale

Blue Texels are one of the most recent breeds to be imported into the UK, and they are quickly gaining popularity with commercial sheep farmers as terminal sires for prime lamb production.

The Blue Texel is an excellent carcase sheep, with great meat producing conformation.  Smaller than the white Texel, it has a narrow head and light bone, ideal for ease of lambing.

The sheep have tremendous character, are friendly and easy to handle making them a popular choice for children to show!

Blue Texels

Charollais sheep have established themselves in the UK as a major influence in the prime lamb industry.  A terminal sire renowned for its quality carcase, easy lambing and flexible marketing.  Charollais rams work well with all the UK's commercial sheep breeds.

We are intent on breeding rams that are genetically capable of producing the fastest growth rate and highest lean meat percentage in their progeny.

The Grange flock of pedigree Charollais is a performance recorded flock .  Recording breed traits is a key part of trying to continuously improve the quality of our stock.

Rams and breeding females for sale.  Visitors welcome.

shearling rams